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Centre for Student Academic Development

Science Republic

The Science Republic was developed around the idea of organizing research through informal science communication, as well as a free and democratic system of cooperation and knowledge exchange. Authority and recognition in the Science Republic are based on the principle of mutual respect, which members of this 'invisible college' show towards each other’s opinions, arguments and proof, rather than regalia and status. It is not a community of equals, but rather a place where everyone can achieve a position of status according to their own efforts.

Funding Competition for HSE Events Involving Student Research, Popular Science and Education

If you’ve been dreaming of participating in an academic conference, a seminar, or a master class, or hearing a particular lecturer who interests you, and you don’t want to wait for someone else to organize the kind of academic event you envision, you now have the opportunity to organize the academic event yourself with financial and other forms of support from the Centre of Student Academic Development at HSE.

The HSE Centre for Student Academic Development was established to support and advance student research that is conducted beyond HSE research centres and laboratories. The centre focuses on three main areas: popularizing science and research among students, providing support for student research projects, and fostering communication among young researchers at HSE and abroad.


HSE University Launches Competition for Early-Career Scientists Focused on Strategic Projects' Topics

Applications are open until April 18

'Young Scientists Can Indeed Compete with Experienced Researchers'

A recent Samovar Club meeting focused on empowering students to unlock their research potential

‘The Competition Lets Students Feel Like Scientists’

On February 5, 2024, the award ceremony for the winners and laureates of the Student Research Paper Competition (SRPS) 2023 took place. The competition received 1,730 papers in 25 categories from university students across Russia.

‘This Is an Attempt to See if Science Fits You’

HSE University has hosted the latest in a series of adaptation seminars for research assistants. Representatives of the Centre for Scholarly Integration and the Centre for Student Academic Development told aspiring scientists about the opportunities afforded by participation in projects at HSE’s scientific laboratories, while experienced research assistants shared their cases.

Scientarium: Driving Young Scientists’ Development

In September, HSE University’s Voronovo Study Centre hosted ‘Scientarium: Young Researcher School’, a retreat for undergraduate and graduate students engaged in scientific activities. The Scientarium project started in 2021 in an online format, and was later held in the format of an educational retreat for the first time in autumn 2023. This year, the Young Researcher School brought together students from different universities across Russia.

‘People and Society’: HSE University Hosts NAUKA 0+ All-Russian Festival

On October 7, a ‘People and Society’ thematic platform opened at HSE University’s Cultural Centre as part of the NAUKA 0+ science festival. Guests were able to explore the world of scientific discoveries and interesting experiments, as well as listen to a series of lectures from leading HSE experts.

Three HSE University Projects Included in Shortlist of 9th All-Russia Prize ‘For Loyalty to Science’

The all-Russia prize ‘For Loyalty to Science’ is awarded annually for outstanding achievements in the fields of science communication, science popularisation, and enhancing the prestige of the activities of scientists and engineers in Russia

Student Research Paper Competition 2023 Begins

On September 1st, a new season of the open Student Research Paper Competition (SRPC) started. This competition is aimed at developing the potential of university students who are interested in academic activities. Students, as well as 2023 graduates of Russian and foreign universities, can submit their papers for the competition until October 15th, 2023. This year SRPC turns 20 years old, throughout the competition’s history, Vadim Radaev, HSE University’s First Vice Rector, has been the chair of the organising committee. In today’s interview, he talks about the history of the competition and the key stages in its development.

From Ingenious Fungi to Post-feminism: HSE University Hosts Season’s Last Science Battles Semi-Final

Season VI of Science Battles at HSE University is entering the homestretch. The June semi-final determined the list of finalists and helped many viewers choose their favourites. This time, young researchers decided to figure out how to conduct a police lineup without destroying a person’s life, as well as how to improve a child’s academic performance without instilling neurotic perfectionism. They also found out that fungi and mould help heal scars and save the environment, and that adherents of post-feminism have very mixed feelings about their own images on TikTok.

‘If We Aren’t Immersed in Research from a Young Age, It Is Harder to Catch Up’

On February 1, the HSE Cultural Centre hosted an award ceremony for the winners and laureates of the 2022 Student Research Paper Competition. Participants included students and graduates of HSE University and other universities. The ceremony closed with a ‘Science Battles’ event.

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