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Student Team Research Project Competition 'Science Initiative'

The acceptance of applications for the Competition has started. You can apply until March 11. More information about what steps are needed for this is below.

The team research project competition 'Scientific Initiative' held by the Centre for Student Academic Development gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to come up with and independently implement a collective scientific research project "from scratch". Thanks to this competition, students gain teamwork skills, opportunities for collaboration and implementation of the most ambitious scientific ideas at an interdisciplinary level.
The competition itself has existed since 2019 and has already facilitated the implementation of about 20 fully fledged independent research projects. Here you can learn more about the first competition held in 2019/2

What does the Competition give the participants?

✓ Skills in organising and conducting team research projects
✓ Knowledge and experience of working with a the full cycle of team scientific research projects: from the idea and execution of work to the implementation and submission of reports in the form of scientific articles, the results of field research, patent applications, etc
✓ Skills of team project work
✓ The opportunity to implement your scientific research project with the possibility of continuing its implementation within the framework of a Research and Study Group, or through other HSE competitions
✓ Experience working with people from different HSE campuses and degree programmes, as well as with leading external specialists and experts
✓ Invaluable knowledge about the work of grant science: our Competition is the starting point for further participation in other HSE grant scientific competitions and competitions from the RNF

5 steps for successful participation in the Competition

  • Step 1

    Gather a team of 3 or more students (the project manager can ONLY be a student who must be a member of the "Republic of Scientists") of bachelor's and master's degrees from different educational programmes and HSE campuses to apply

    To apply for the Contest, join the Republic if you are:
    - winner / laureate of the NIRS competition;
    - recipient of the presidential grant;
    - trainee researcher;
    - scientific assistant;
    - recipient of the PGAS for Science;
    - scientific supervisor—
    - student of the unified track of the master's and postgraduate studies;
    - participant or head of one of the student scientific societies; with publications in the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission or Q1-Q3, winner / laureate of one of the scientific competitions / scientific schools.

  • Step 2

    Conduct a team brainstorm and develop main ideas for your project

    Put together your application, draft a project budget (remember that project participants do not receive funds from the project as a material incentive), get comments on the estimate from the Organizer and finalise the application

  • Step 3

    Submit an application for the Contest via a special form by 23:59 on February 28

  • Step 4

    Wait until March 15, when the results will be announced and each applicant will be informed about the results of the Competition

Submit an application

Timeline of the Competition in 2022 :

  • February 1-28 - acceptance of applications

  • February 28 - completion of applications

  • March 1-15 - evaluation of applications and summing up the results of the Competition

  • March 16-June 30 - implementation of the first stage of the Competition

  • July 1-15 - interim reporting

  • July 18 - December 30 - implementation of extended projects

  • Until December 28 - final reporting


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