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Funding for Student Travel to Research Events

A travel grant allows you to attend an academic conference, congress, symposium, workshop, summer school, ‘young researcher’ school, or other similar event with the financial support of HSE.

Apply to Receive Funding in Support of Research Travel

Travel grants are awarded to:

1) All 2018 Student Research Paper Competition (NIRS) winners who meet the following criteria:

  • the applicant is enrolled at HSE* (any campus) and/or is employed by HSE (including external collaboration agreements) at the time of application
  • the applicant’s application has successfully passed* the evaluation of the organizational committee of the Student Research Paper Competition for students and graduates of HSE.

*If the applicant is not an enrolled student at HSE at the time of application but meets at least one of the indicated criteria, s/he retains the right to receive financial support for participation in academic events within 2 years of winning the NIRS competition.

**The travel grant application must be submitted no later than 30 days before the date of the event.

2) Student participants of the ‘Science Republic’ on a competitive basis.

Priority will be given to applications that best describe the connection between their internship and the particular project or study and the expected results.

Award amounts depend on the region in which the academic event will be held. Awards should not exceed the following respective amounts:

  • Russia: 40,000 rubles
  • CIS countries: 45,000 rubles
  • Europe: 80,000 rubles
  • Asia: 100,000, with the exception of Turkey and Israel
  • Turkey and Israel: 60, 000 rubles
  • US and Canada: 100,000 rubles
  • Australia: 80,000 rubles
  • Africa: 100,000 rubles


Can I apply for additional funding from other sources to supplement my travel grant award?

Yes, a student can request additional funding from the Research Commission of his or her faculty.

What expenses qualify for reimbursement?

The following expenses qualify for reimbursement upon your return:

  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Visa support
  • Medical insurance
  • Registration fee(s)
What form do I have to submit after attending a research event?

As evidence of your participation in the research event, you must electronically submit the research paper, presentation, or poster you presented at the event. If you participated in a summer school, then you must submit your certificate of completion.

Is presenting at a conference required for receiving funds?

No vacations!.

Yes, only applications for presenting at an academic conference,* accompanied by a conference programme with your talk or poster indicated, will receive funding.

*With the exception of applications in support of summer school


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